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Jeto is a project to create a portable, innovative application platform based on the ECMA Common Language Infrastructure (ECMA-335) standard. It provides an application foundation library (called Emotion) with advanced support for audio/video playback and capture, vector graphics, hardware querying and access, dealing with measurements, networking, application preferences, and more.

Jeto is also intended to be layered on top of other operating system kernels to form Jeto distributions. We plan to produce distributions using GNU/Linux (creatively, Jeto/Linux), as well as one for the SharpOS kernel once it has developed sufficiently. Towards these purposes, Jeto provides a flexible boot system called Shoe, CLI implementations of POSIX tools, CLI bindings for a number of open source software libraries used in GNU/Linux, a set of tools (SharedCache) for adapting GNU/Linux to use the Jeto software packaging system (bundles), and more.

Jeto will also encompass an effort to build a next-generation graphical user interface (called Dagon) using the Jeto foundation libraries. This work pends further development of Emotion's graphics and UI modules. Dagon will incorporate elements of the (now-defunct) Slicker Project.


Emotion is Jeto's foundation library. It contains most of the important code that comprises the Jeto application platform. Emotion provides advanced support for many aspects of application/library programming that are either not covered or poorly covered by the CLI's mscorlib assembly. A complete list of modules provided:

  • Base Miscellaneous application facilities
  • Graphics An advanced windowing and vector graphics system based on Cairo.
  • Hardware Portable query and usage of hardware, modelled after the Freedesktop.org HAL.
  • Measurements A system for creating, modifying, and converting values with unit types.
  • Media Provides the ability to playback and capture audio/video media.
  • Network Provides advanced networking interfaces.
  • Notification Portable facility for notifying the user in a variety of ways.
  • Plugins The base code and interfaces for Jeto's plugin system.
  • Prefs An interface for accessing/modifying XML-based configuration files.
  • Scripts A powerful script execution/interoperability engine.
  • Spelling Universal spell-checking
  • Ui A set of user interface objects based on the Graphics module.
  • Volumes Cross-platform support for dealing with disk volumes.

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